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Vivie Ann has never been one to do things half-way. As a little girl, she once painted faces on trees that were supposed to be cut down. This was the seven-year-old’s imaginative way of showing the pragmatic adult world that trees are also living beings and should not be cleared without a reason. Even back then her creative passion was paved with success: passing through Vivie Ann’s home town today you will still find the trees painted with colorful faces standing there.

Displaying the same will power the now 24-year-old aspires to conquer the world – with her music: “There was never an alternate plan for me! I always wanted to be a singer and above all, a songwriter,” the charismatic blonde says with a wink in her expressive eyes. Now residing in her city of choice, Hamburg, Vivie Ann never let herself get discouraged while pursuing her goal, always thinking big. Fortunately! In a world where the fearful, critics and skeptics always seem to have the loudest voices people like Vivie Ann soothe the weary soul. What makes her so authentic is that she recognizes her own fears: “Fear is my constant companion. And that’s okay,” she states. “I don’t see it as an entirely negative thing. It’s important to allow it, but it’s just as important to let it go and look forward."

This strength, confidence and authenticity stem from deep roots. Vivie Ann literally grew up with music and stage life and was touring with her parents – a jazz pianist and a chanson singer – since birth. She visited international stages and called backstage areas her second home. She met musicians, artists, magicians and acrobats, petted snakes, watched nude Brazilian dancers up-close and reveled in the magical moments when her mother stepped on stage in glittering sequin dresses. On the way back home late at night in the tour bus she would already be sleeping blissfully in her father’s keyboard case. Incidentally, Vivie sang and studied various instruments – not perfectly, but good enough – and now basically knows every oldie and hit of the last sixty years by heart.
At the age of twelve she made her first attempts at composing original songs paired with autobiographical lyrics. She sang, wrote and performed in every style, whether it was cover songs, dubstep, pop, rock, even classical opera or accompanied by an entire orchestra.
Today, according to Vivie Ann herself, she has set her focus on pop music. Nevertheless, under this mere “headline”, she merges folk and indie influences with playful ease, places accents with strings and brass sections, incorporates various rhythms and catchy melodies and therefore, providing the perfect backdrop for her beautiful and profound lyrics sung by an impressively versatile voice.

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